Saturday, September 15, 2007

Michigan Jobs

In the Detroit News of September 8, 2007 the paper asked readers "Do you think Michigan's strip clubs should be allowed to go nude and serve alcohol?" There is no mention of jobs in the question, but one of the 11 respondents caught on right away. The answer below belongs to Pradeep Srivastava of Detroit who appears to know that the right regulation will help keep Michigan employed.

"If Michigan's strip clubs don't allow nude dancing and alcohol, people who are interested in that kind of stuff will simply go to Windsor or Toledo and Michigan will lose its tax revenue and jobs to those cities. We cannot legislate morality, for that comes from within."

We want to commend Pradeep Srivastava for helping to save Michigan’s nude dancer jobs. Still we want to know, Where was Pradeep Srivastava when Michigan had better jobs to save?

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Stevencap said...

The bottom line is JOBS. The U.S. lost 46,000 manufacturing jobs in August 2007. More significantly, the ongoing losses are taking a cumulative toll on communities throughout the country. We need to adequately enforce our trade laws, and hold countries like China accountable for illegal trading practices such as currency manipulation. Otherwise, we’ll continue to shed manufacturing jobs.